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 my "interesting life after my parents realized the true MY TRUE!!!"

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Fecha de inscripción : 19/07/2011

MensajeTema: my "interesting life after my parents realized the true MY TRUE!!!"   Mar Jul 19, 2011 10:21 pm

Dear nobody....
i need someone to talk to....i have nobody to do it!!!
i feel so deppressed today....my mother told me do you know the reason why someone murdered hte other guy???
i said no why??? because of facebook and also because he was GAY and i was like: mmmmmmmmm!!!1 and i continued doing my stuff
but i dont know why im not sure of what my mom said its truth so....today´s night imma look for the information and if its truth ill be likee fine...
but if it is not???!!!!what im going to do???what should i have to tell her??? lier???or may be just stay quiet like i ever used to be??? or do i have
to get pissed with herself??? i have so many questions inside my mind and i dont know their answers or how to solve these huge of questions, doubts and issues. There is nobody who can understand me or well when i think there is someone i dont know hot to express my feelings, thoughts, questions, doubts and the rest of things that are navigating inside me i really dont know how they can continue acting, talking.....like if nothing happened before, how they can hide their lies?????? thoughts???? feelings????? and the person that i love says that he loves me too but he doesnt want problems with my parents..... and obviously i can understand that. Sometimes i hate being me, hate my appearance, sometimes i want to disappear like so many people one day wanted because i think there isnt a person who has never wished that in a sad, bad,or desperate moment...well may be just babies havent wished that because they dont have problems when theyre just meeting the world we live in.

I miss him sooooooooo much Sad oh!! i forget to tell you that i also hate my age too because thats one reason why he doesnt want someone younger that him... thats why i hate my age and well i better go becuase i dont want you to get bored with "my story" Smile and thanks to everyone who have read this......


LOVE YOU Jhordan
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my "interesting life after my parents realized the true MY TRUE!!!"
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